Gastro Ex App Reviews

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Whenever I have to play and use the apc there’s bleeding and no way to fix it or stop it. I’d like to know how so I can pass the level otherwise I’ll just delete the game


Ya why is my phone like on fire whenever I play just this app? It doesn’t do that for any other apps. I’m about to delete it because it’s messing up my phone.

It will not let me sign up.

I had used this “game” on my friends phone and it was a great training tool! I am trying to download it on my phone and sign in and if will not let me no matter what I do. I’m not sure what to do about this issue.

Great education for medical students

It teaches you alot about the butthole

Great game

This game is very cool and I would absolutely love to do more with it but I played through the tutorial and my phone was so hot I had to stop. I will download it again when the issue is fixed.

Difficulty with Game

I have had trouble playing this game. In just one day of playing it (today), it has overheated so fast that it has literally “fried” one of my phone’s speakers. I have an iPhone 7 and it was purchased less than a year ago. The game play was fun, but the fact that it causes damage to the hardware of my device I will be uninstalling it. I have read other reviews in which people have had similar experiences. In your replies to these people, you said it doesn’t or is not as likely to happen on newer iPhones. You should put a disclaimer in the apps description page stating that this type of hardware damage is possible. Otherwise, people may download this game and destroy their phones.

I luv it


Only a kid

Lol it says it’s for health care professionals but it’s fun to do

It’s eh

It doesn’t say how to stop tissue bleeding😡


I love it!as a high school student interested in the medical field it’s so fun to play! It makes me feel like I’m playing a game yet learning!! It’s so cool to recognize certain terms from study in class! It is so much fun to play and so real! Please make more levels and games like this!

Amazing simulations

I suffer from GI problems and decided that it’d be interesting to try this app out. It was better than expected and it’s interesting seeing diagnoses within a “game” that helps people study and learn. Absolutely love it.


Had no clue this was a app to train nurses lol but it’s really cool!! Great job on everything. If anyone is looking for a good health training app, this is the one. Anyway does anything cost money? And how do I delete my account lol.

Not a GI doctor

But I think I could be with a little practice! JK

Wow! How realistic!

Te developers have outdone themselves with this. Even the physical reaction the tissue displays when poked or manipulated is perfect! Can’t wait to continue with the cases...

Inverted camera

Either than that 👍

Great Training Tool however...

This “Game” is a great training tool! Very realistic and a great way to practice procedures however, the game causes INTENSE overheating of iOS devices. I was using this app and it caused my iPhone 6S to overheat to the point where the device fried itself and no longer functions. I purchased a new phone, the iPhone X, after about 3 minutes of playing this game, the phone began to heat up. So I’ll be deleting this app as well as the Intubation app as well. If you guys can fix the amount of use this app needs on devices, I’ll totally download again.


Weird af but kind of interesting

Love it

I love that there are no adds❤️

Awkward but it's really cool

I, uh, didn't realize this was meant for training nurses and things, it just looked cool so I tried it! And to learn medical stuff I suppose. I know next to nothing about gastrololgy (?) but I've been doing a decent job... Somehow.. 😂 Anyway devs I kinda feel bad cause I just kinda jumped on without realizing ^^; but it's great!


Oh lord, its so nasty looking but so cool at the same time


It needs more things to do. In one day I went through everything

Good but...

Every time i play this my phone would get really hot. So unfortunate because now i’m avoiding the game.


The best and it seems so realistic 🙂🙂🙂


I’m speechless from this game best 20/10 like I can’t!!!

Add one thing

Love the app I really do but can you add screen rotation when I charge my phone when playing the screen doesn’t flip so it’s hard for me to charge my phone at the same time and play my game and I can’t my my charger because this is the only plug I have closest to me in my room


It’s a great game.

I think this is meant as a training aid

Being asked to diagnose symptoms in a game about medical stuff seems a bit weird


I love it so much omg I’m in love right nowww!!!!💛❤️💛💛💛🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🔥🔥

Lov’in it

Hope there are a lot of cases!

Fun to show family

Really fun game. Was able to give my family and friends a representation of what endoscopy and interventions look like. My wife may have had more fun playing it than me. The CME portions are a bonus. Will definitely share with my colleagues.


An unbelievable,super awesome app that ever existed 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

These colons look real

You really have to see it to believe it. Looks very life like. Fun to play too, with various tools at your disposal. I’ll be sharing this with all my GI colleagues.

Cool medical sim

I started playing Airway Ex last year, excited to see this new Gastro app! Anatomy is unreal. Training tool or game, or both? Who cares, it’s fun to play.

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